The world belongs to everyone.

Chanyeol teaching watching Gayeon prepare fish.

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Chanyeol and his bungee jumping adventure

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13/ favourite exo moments: chanbaek on roommate.

Baekhyun demonstrating his power to Chanyeol’s roommates

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Same Baekhyun Same


Baek took the bus to the roommate house ahah idk I thought someone would take him there by carㅋㅋㅋ he could drive himself but he doesn’t have a license  kkk


When Mama Shin thought D.O. was Chinese…


can we take a moment to be thankful that Baekhyun’s pants were too tight for him to sit, so he had to bend in front of Chanyeol

and while we’re here, let’s see how Chanyeol grabs his arm to place him in his front…


the funny thing about being an ELF is that as of today, we’ll have welcomed back three members from the military while most groups haven’t had to say goodbye yet.

and we’re still a fandom.
and super junior is still together.

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