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EunHae opening for Shirt

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Hae was the first to congratulate Taemin when he won ;__;

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 @HeeZzinPang: I was going to wear a sunglasses during `SHIRT` stage, but I didn`t have one so I was thinking “Ah, I`m screwed” when Taemin said “Hyung, do you want to use mine?” and sponsored me one. Ah, Taemin is love. Taemin-ee, congratulations on first place today!! Now a quiz here. <What is it when Taemin is thrown away?> #Tambourine

* Tambourine is pronounced Taem-Buh-Rin in Korean, and to abandon/throw away is BuhRin = Taem+Thrown Away*


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me, when the cameraman did a close up on their upper body during the hip thrust move in ‘shirt’


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Sehun - 140829 Incheon Airport, departing for Guangzhou
Credit: 바람에게. (인천공항 출국)


Taemin says that if he wins, he will do MAMACITA with SJ on stage!!


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shinmin playing around during interview

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KangTeuk after two years TToTT

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MAMACITA dance by teacher Eunhyuk.

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