The world belongs to everyone.

29-36 TIffany Hwang

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Someone tell me that this is yongseo and the rumors are true.. Please..


I love learning.

But I hate doing countless hours of homework and busywork that don’t really benefit me that much.

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140418 [CAP] Heenim - Grandpas over Flowers Investigation Team teaser

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gummy smile (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ♥♥

(!) We won't be posting any previews of any event until further notice.


In light of recent events and regardless of our decision not to post any airport previews throughout this weekend, we will also refrain from covering any live events as EXO’s country of origin is in deep sorrow and grief. No previews of any kind (including Best of Best concert) will be posted…

"Life is no fun without eating"

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