The world belongs to everyone.

tao showing sehun his parents who were sitting in the audience

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sehun was left walking alone in the back with too many fangirls around him then he called tao for help

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the first time in tao’s life sehun has called him beautiful

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Sehun and Tao playing with a cat feat. hand porn

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[SMTOWN] Baekyeon came out together.
OMG YAAAAAS! FINALLY AN INTERACTION! they look like they’re holding hands on the last frame. omfg my baekyeon feels!

Sehun & Yoona giving each other thumbs-up! | "SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR IV" in Tokyo

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141018 SMTown Shanghai



Straight bar passing through a curved hole

this makes me so angry

I feel like this is what it means when dudes say “no homo”

i tried to take this water spilling out of the water bottle pic at this waterfall and my mum happened to be in the picture and she looks like she is getting crushed by the bottle